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Property Management

We specialize in residential, rental buildings and estates for investors and absent owners.  We do property management full time.   We do real estate sales.   Our office is fully automated with the latest property management software and hardware.  We focus on increasing and maintaining owner’s cash flow.  We know what it takes to earn your satisfaction and create positive results.  


Services we offer:


We customize programs that suit each building requirements.

We maintain environment for the best quality of life for residents and owners.

We make thorough inspections inside and out every 90 days of your units to

insure your property is being properly cared for.

We market and advertise renting your property.

We provide a 24/7 emergency response service.


Leasing Services:

.  Screen all tenants with rental application, proof of income, credit report and background check.

.  Execute a professional lease.

.  Collect rent and security deposit.

.  Lease renewals are sent out 120 days prior to lease expiration.

.  File legal notices and process evictions.



.  Rents that are not received by the 10th of the months will start the process to collect or evict.


Financial Services:

.  Monthly and annual reports are done with specialized property management software.

.  Tenant’s rents are deposited into a separate trust account.

.  Expenses and or repairs are paid from property management trust account.

.  Monthly and annual reports are created for each owner.


Maintenance Service:

.  It is imperative that preventative measures are taken to make sure that buildings are

   maintain properly.

.  Boilers need to be serviced annually.

.  Plumbing and corroded pipes need to be repaired prior to failure causing costly damage.

.  All buildings over nine units need to employ a full time super, required by law.

 . Co-ordinate contractors for repairs.  Prices negotiated to best prices possible.


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